John Pollock ~ Owner/Builder
John Pollock
of quality lawn furniture & dealer for Amish furniture & sheds

Hilltop Lawn Decor began in 1999 when a wood-working hobby became a full-time business. We enjoy outdoor lawn decorations, but strongly believe in the importance of quality-made products that will last throughout years of use. We also strive for beauty and detail on each piece we build or sell.

To ensure this quality, we carry top-quality construction using lumber weather-treated against damage by insects or decay. Our products may be painted, stained, sealed, or left as is.

Standard features include:
- pressured treated wood for maximum strength & life
- the best quality galvanized, stainless steel or plated hardware for
  maximum durability
- routered edges on the lumber

Many items can be special made to your choice of sizes and style, making them easy to fit into your landscaping plans.

In addition to the products we build, we are also dealers for Amish/Mennonite built lawn furniture and outdoor decorations, plus Amish/Mennonite built storage sheds in wood or metal. The Amish/Mennonites are well-known for their quality of craftsmanship, so this addition to our product line fits well into our belief of quality and care in workmanship.

Another top quality product we carry is solid steel weathervanes. We are very impressed by the excellent craftsmanship of these weathervanes. They make a beautiful addition to your home decor or mounted on top of one of our Storage Sheds.

In 2011 our grandson, Jeremy Nelson, took over the storage shed portion of our business and sells the storage sheds, open-sided sheds, gazebos, chicken houses, and dog houses and calls his portion of the business "Hilltop Mini Buildings." Janice and I sell the lawn furniture and decor, weathervanes, and pergolas and call our portion of the business "Hilltop Lawn Decor." We continue at the same location north of Viola, IL for both Hilltop Mini Buildings and Hilltop Lawn Decor.

Our reputation rests on the quality of the products we carry and we believe in the old adage that "if it's worth doing, it's worth doing well." The Bible tells us to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. Since we do not want inferior quality products in our own yard, we do not want to offer lesser quality to you.

Thank you for your interest in our products.

~ John and Janice Pollock, Hilltop Lawn Decor (lawn furniture & decor)
~ Jeremy Nelson, Hilltop Mini Buildings (storage sheds, chicken houses, & gazebos)

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